Introduce Myself

Dear Sir/Madam

Welcome to My Home Page!!

I’m Masahiko Miyake. Please call me Masa.

I live in Saitama Prefecture in Japan with my wife and daughter. Other two children,elder son and second son live in Kyoto city and Tochigi prefecture separately.
My mother (94 years old) live in nursing home in Kyoto city.
So,There are six members in my family.

I work for a non profit organization over 30 years in Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan. Our organization has been focused on helping
local community by providing scholarship to students and educating young couples about pregnancy and giving birth.

Recently, I became a supervisor in our department. My department is in charge of the data management of our organization.
I got proficiency in using some computer applications. That’s why I made my own web-site.

My hobby is tea ceremony.
I’m very fond of practicing the tea ceremony in a quiet environment.
I’m wearing a Hakama when I practice it.
Hakama is cooler than any other clothes.
Japanese summer season is very humid, but wearing Hakama is very comfortable.
Its traditional Japanese formal wear and
fits in ceremony very well.

I wait for your e-mail from the various places of a new family lover.
My e-mail address :

Best wishes,

Yours sincerely.