chicken saute.

I ate chicken saute. Let’s roast chicken sauteed thigh meat deliciously. Press the lid of the pan tightly to flatten the chicken and bake it, and the chicken will be cooked evenly and will be fluffy.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

platter of tempura

I ate a platter of tempura. Crispy fried conger eel, shrimp, kisses and vegetables, assorted. Tempura, which brings out the flavor of the ingredients and has a lot of flavors, is a specialty of our specialty.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

beef curry rice.

I ate beef curry rice. Introducing the recipe for beef curry. It can be cooked easily and easily using beef, carrots and potatoes.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.


I ate sukiyaki. Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish in which meat and other ingredients are cooked by baking or boiling in a shallow iron pan. As seasonings, soy sauce, sugar, sake, etc., and warishitas that combine them in advance are used. Sliced ​​beef is used for general sukiyaki, and ingredients such as green onions, Chinese cabbage, garland chrysanthemum, shiitake mushrooms, yaki-dofu, shirataki noodles, and fu are added.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

steamed tea bowl.

I ate steamed tea bowl. Chawanmushi is one of the Japanese dishes, which is a steamed dish using eggs and is also a kind of soup.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.


I ate yakitori. Yakitori or yakitori is a bite-sized piece of chicken that is skewered and grilled on an open fire (kushiyaki).#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

Miso Ramen

I ate miso ramen. Miso Ramen is a Japanese ramen that uses miso as a sauce for ramen soup. Miso ramen originated in Sapporo and is well known, but there are also miso ramen that originated outside Sapporo.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

meatballs and Chinese cabbage

I ate meatballs and Chinese cabbage in soup. The soup also has plenty of minced meat flavor! This is a recipe for “meat dumplings and Chinese cabbage boiled in soup”.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

shiitake mushrooms grilled in butter

I ate shiitake mushrooms grilled in butter and soy sauce. Umami-rich shiitake mushrooms are a versatile mushroom used in all kinds of dishes. Let’s introduce a recipe for grilling butter and soy sauce that brings out the deliciousness of shiitake mushrooms while being simple.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

tofu hot pot.

I ate a tofu hot pot. In the cold winter, when you miss hot pot dishes, you will have more opportunities to surround the hot pot at home. Tofu is indispensable in such a case.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.