tea ceremony is “hard for you?”

Do not you think that a tea ceremony is “hard for you?”


What kind of tea party is that?
I do not know how to practice tea ceremony, and I do not know how to get coffee and green tea, so I do not want to participate.
It is a tea party for such people.
Together with the seasonal sweets, you will have dark tea and light tea.
Please feel free to join us with confidence.

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Japanese Tea Ceremony Etiquette for Guests3

Cut the sweets into bite-size pieces with the ‘kuromoji’ (a small pick or fork).

・You may eat the sweets by hand if a ‘kuromoji’ has not been provided.

・Usually, all the sweets are eaten first, then tea is served. ( It is not acceptable ettiquette to eat the sweets and drink the tea with each other).

Japanese Tea Ceremony Etiquette for Guests2

When the host serving the ‘wagashi’ bows to the guest, the guest should bow in return, receive the ‘wagashi’ and then eat it. The host will say ”okashi o douzo” (“please eat the sweets”). When you bow in return, say ”okashi o choudai itashimasu” (“I’m receiving the sweets”), then you may start eating.

real green tea

I think that real green tea is also delicious. Compared to sweets, there is still bitterness, but the flavor is strong and it is very delicious.

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heart of hospitality

In the tea ceremony, “heart of hospitality” is important. That is the heart that respects people. So, in various folds, give a greeting to the practice law. take a bow.

Today’s sweets

Today’s sweets


are bellflower and cosmos. The right side is the bellflower, the left side is the cosmos. Cosmos is a plant that is also a season word for autumn, as it is called autumn cherry blossom and it is called cosmos.