I learn the tea ceremony.

I learn the tea ceremony.

While learning the tea ceremony,
I respect the sense of season as it is natural,
I think that life culture based on “hospitality” is familiar to everyday life.
From the tea ceremony, I am able to learn not only skills and manners,
but also the behavior of hospitality, considering others.
I think that each operation in the tea ceremony is very easy to understand about what to do next and it makes sense very much.

It is useful only in my life, such as how to bow, how to walk on tatami, how to open a door.

Welcome to My Homepage!

Welcome to My Home Page!!

I’m  Masahiko Miyake.http://masamiyake.com/introduce-myself/
Please call me Masa.

I live in Saitama Prefecture with my wife and daughter. Other two children,elder son and second son live in Kyoto city and Tochigi prefecture separately.

My mother (94 years old) live in nursing home in Kyoto city.
So,There are six members in my family.

I work at an office in Tokyo. I am a Japanese business man .
I expect you enjoy living in your life.

I wait for the letter of the various places of a new family loving one, a family interested in English study.

My e-mail address : masa@masamiyake.com
Best wishes,
Yours sincerely.