keema curry

I ate keema curry. “Keema” (Keema, Qeema) means “fine things” in Hindi and Urdu. In Japan, curry made from minced meat is often called keema curry.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

fried shrimp

I ate fried shrimp. Fried shrimp (fried shrimp) is a dish that originated in Japan and is fried shrimp in a large amount of cooking oil. It is one of the cutlet dishes developed in Japan and is a typical Western dish.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

sushi rolls.

I ate sushi rolls. Maki sushi is a type of sushi made by wrapping vinegared rice and ingredients with ingredients such as seaweed. Maki sushi is roughly divided into two types: vinegared rice and ingredients wrapped with ingredients such as seaweed and kelp, and vinegared rice and ingredients wrapped with leaves of grasses. In general, it often refers to seaweed on a makisu, spread with vinegared rice, and wrapped with ingredients on top of it, and is also called seaweed roll.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

seafood pilaf

I ate seafood pilaf. Pilaf made with frozen seafood mix and rice cooker. Recommended for lunch on holidays.
Shrimp and squid are ingredients that have fatigue recovery, power charge, and anti-aging effects. Recommended for children’s meals, tired businessmen, and older sisters who are concerned about beauty.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.


I ate yaki-dofu. Yaki-dofu is made by lightly grilling both sides of drained tofu over an open flame and roasting it. Compared to tofu, it has the property of being less likely to crumble.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

Chinese cabbage dumpling hot pot

I ate Chinese cabbage dumpling hot pot. I want to eat a lot of delicious dumplings! I thought it was a pot. The soup in the pot does not have a strong taste, so please eat it with ponzu sauce.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

hamburger steak

I ate a hamburger steak. It is made by mixing minced beef with onions and baking it, and serves it with gravy sauce or brown sauce. Similar to hamburger steak, but with slightly different ingredients#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.


I ate oden. Oden is a type of simmered Japanese cuisine. It is also classified as a hot pot dish.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

salmon grilled in Saikyo

I ate salmon grilled in Saikyo. By soaking salmon in miso, it becomes soft and turns into a high-class salmon. The power of miso is amazing ♪.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

fluffy omelet rice

I ate fluffy omelet rice. The point is the fluffy eggs on the chicken rice! This is a recipe for the hot dandelion-style omelet rice “Tanpopo omelet rice” that everyone loves. Professional#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.