The autumn of Japan is the season of harvesting. The farmers will have a very busy autumn. Rice cutting is a farming work that cuts ripe rice for harvesting. Usually cut off from the root (root cutting).


Speaking of autumn fruits in Japan, it is ”
pears” anyway. Shabby chewy and elegant sweetness, popular pears, shipping is getting full swing.


  1. Let’s introduce Daigoji today. Daigoji is the headquarters of Shingon sect of Buddhism. It was one of the world heritage sites and it was built in the 9th century. The most famous is the five-storied pagoda which is said to be the oldest wooden building, this is here. Daigoji was revived with the power of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

cup of chawan – mushi

  • The other day my daughter made a cup of chawan – mushi

,  I got on top was a shiitake mushroom. Chawanmushi with a delicious taste of soup and eggs. The warmth that a smooth texture and steam rises is a cooked dish. Shiitake mushrooms with plenty of umami are useful not only as a tool for cooking but also as dashi

The real thrill of the tea ceremony

  1. The real thrill of the tea ceremony is to make beautiful and clean movements and to drink delicious tea with caffeine.

Dragon ball

I love dragon ball. Dragon ball is a manga work of Japan by Toriyama Akira, and is the name of the item that appears in its work. Abbreviation is “DB”. In case

soy sauce ramen

soy sauce ramen

I love soy sauce ramen. I ate soy sauce ramen the other day. This is the noodle my wife made. As for soy sauce ramen, Japanese noodles used sauce sauce for soup. Menma is a processed food processed lactic fermented bamboo shoots.

eating dumplings

eating dumplings

In Japan, customs of eating dumplings while watching the moon have been in September. I immediately bought dumplings at home and ate. it was delicious.


The taste of autumn in Japan is “Sanma” of the fish anyway. It is very juicy and tastes good. However, this year we can not get so much, the price is rising.

full moon

In Japan, the moon will be full moon in September. We call this “Mid-Autumn Festival”. People have been looking forward for seeing the moon at night, eating dumplings from long ago. But now that custom is discontinued.