I ate Shimesaba. Kizushi is made by vinegar-tightening fish. It often refers to mackerel vinegar tightening, but there are also those using mackerel, horse mackerel, and sea bream. In the case of mackerel, it is similar to Shimesaba. In general, it is generally called “Kizushi” in western Japan and “Shimesaba” in eastern Japan. Although it is called sushi, it is generally eaten with fillets without rice.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.


I drank amazake. Amazake (Amazake, Kanshu, Amazake) is a type of traditional Japanese sweet drink that looks like doburoku and is cloudy. Also called sweet porridge.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

egg and soba noodles

I ate egg and soba noodles. “Egg Toji Soba” with beaten egg. If you keep the knack of adjusting the heat, it will spread big and fluffy with even fire.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

Jjigae pot

I ate Jjigae pot. Jjigae is one of the hot pot dishes on the Korean Peninsula, where kimchi, meat, seafood, and tofu are simmered in soup stock.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

beef stew

I ate beef stew. Stew (English: stew [stjuː]) is a general term for stewed dishes in which vegetables, meat, and seafood are stewed in soup stock or sauce .#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

hayashi rice

I ate hayashi rice. Hayashi rice is a dish of sliced ​​beef and onions boiled in domiglace sauce or tomato sauce and sprinkled on cooked rice. It is classified as a Western food that has changed in Japan based on overseas food.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.


I ate okonomiyaki. Using your favorite ingredients such as chicken eggs, vegetables, meat, seafood, and noodles, using flour dissolved in water as a dough, bake it on an iron plate [1] [2], and add seasonings such as sauce, mayonnaise, and green paste. eat.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

fried shrimp

I ate fried shrimp. Fried shrimp (fried shrimp) is a dish that originated in Japan and is fried shrimp in a large amount of cooking oil. It is one of the cutlet dishes developed in Japan and is a typical Western dish.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

curry pot.

I ate a curry pot. Introducing the recipe for curry nabe. It can be cooked easily and easily using pork, chicken, broccoli, onions and potatoes.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.

platter of sashimi

I ate a platter of sashimi. Would you like to buy a sashimi platter for celebrations and home parties? It’s dull to put it on the table as a pack, but it’s difficult to get the gorgeousness of the assortment that comes out in the store.#Japan.#healthy food.#Japanese food.#Japanese culture.