Pure Land sect

This Pure Land sect was founded by a monk named Shinran (1173–1263), who simplified Buddhist thought to one essential teaching: all you need to do is repeat the words “namu amida butsu” or “Praise to Amida Buddha”. 

Shinran believed that Amida Buddha had vowed to save all those who sincerely repeated these words.


the Founder’s Hall

This building is the center of reverence for the sect, where  a wooden statue of Shinran, the founder of the sect, is enshrined.

With a front of 76 m, sides of 58 m, and a height of 38 m, it is one of the largest wooden structures in the world and was designated a National Important Cultural Property in 2019.



Higashi Honganji is one of two head temples of the Jodo Shinshu sect of Pure Land Buddhism, the most popular form of Buddhism in Japan. The other head temple is Nishi Honganji, the western temple, is located a few blocks to the west of this one.


I ate nyumen.
Ingredients for 4 people
1 bundle of somen noodles
1-2 eggs
・Dashi soup 1000mL
・1 and a half tablespoons of light soy sauce
・Half a teaspoon of salt
・1 tablespoon cooking sake
・Tsp of sugar

I live in Kyoto. There are many world heritage sites in Kyoto. They are temples and shrines. I would like to visit each and every one of them and introduce them to prospective foreign visitors on YouTube.

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