oyakodon or chicken and egg rice bowl.

I ate oyakodon or chicken and egg rice bowl.
2 servings
1 piece
Chicken thigh
Egg (M size)
2 pieces
Salad oil
1 tablespoon
(A) cooking sake
2 tablespoons
(A) Mirin
2 tablespoons
(A) Granule Japanese-style soup stock

I live in Kyoto. There are many world heritage sites in Kyoto. They are temples and shrines. I would like to visit each and every one of them and introduce them to prospective foreign visitors on YouTube.

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Japanese culture.

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2 Replies to “oyakodon or chicken and egg rice bowl.”

  1. Yes
    This blog post is quite interesting! Visiting every world heritage site in Kyoto sounds like a plan. Have you been successful in ticking off some of the sites on your list? Also, I couldn’t help but notice you mentioned “food” and “Japanese culture” – could you please recommend any particular restaurants in Kyoto that authentically represent Japanese cuisine?

    1. Thank you for yur comments.
      Are you planning to come to Japan?
      If so, please teach me your itinerary.

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